Ins and Outs of ISEP

You may not have heard of ISEP. It’s fine, neither had I. No judgments, I promise.┬áPrepare for a crash course in all things ISEP.Read More »


My Degree, My Passion

When you first apply to university, most people are interested in what you want to study. You tell them History, Medicine or English and they say ‘oh ok cool’. But tell them something like American Studies an you’re often met with blank stares. There’s a silence that I often fill with ‘hahaaaa yeah I know it’s a bit weird isn’t it??!!’

No actually, it’s not. What it is is an interdisciplinary degree that focuses on a particular region of the world. It comes under the banner of ‘Area Studies’, and gives you a much better education than some give it credit for.Read More »

So what is a year abroad?

You may be unfamiliar with the idea of a year abroad; they’re relatively new. A lot of degrees at university are 3 years, with your first year being introductory and the one where you can pick the random modules that you have no clue about. Your second year tends to be where you find your interests, and your final year often results in a dissertation or project that further refines your interests. However there are increasing numbers of 4 year degrees popping up around the country, often called ‘sandwich’ degrees. Read More »