A Thought For The Ones Left Behind

When we talk about a year abroad, we sort of seem to gloss over the friends and family of those of us who are going on this great magical adventure. I’m definitely guilty of this, I’m ashamed to say.

It’s a bit like the speeches at all the awards ceremonies. The winners thank their coworkers, and then their friends and family who ‘without them this wouldn’t be possible’. And it’s true.

I’ve mentioned how my support system helped me with my decision to intermit. I’m so grateful that I have such a strong system, but that system doesn’t get strong on it’s own. It’s hard work and communication, areas that occasionally I’ve lacked in.

I think that it’s perhaps human nature to take people for granted sometimes. We don’t mean to, it just sort of happens. In times like preparing for a year abroad, it’s. Because during your time abroad you won’t be an hour away on the train, you’ll be two time zones and thousands of miles apart.

When I talk about my year abroad, there are times when I’m surprised that the person isn’t as excited as me, or when their eyes get watery. Why aren’t you PUMPED, this is so COOL WHAT an EXPERIENCE BE happy with me PLEASE. I have to take a little step back and think ‘ok, let’s consider this from their point of view’. A person they love, cherish and care about is leaving them for a year, and this person is excited about this. Of course, the small hyper bouncy year abroad-er is (probably) in no way jumping for joy and the prospect of vanishing for a year, but it’s understandable that it can feel this way.

I’m learning, slowly, to be more considerate of how those who I’m leaving behind will feel. Whilst you’re still allowed to be excited, spare a thought for those who love and care about you. It’s an experience for them too.

Do you relate to this, or know someone who does? Comment below or send me a message!


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