Holiday Happiness

I hope everyone’s enjoying themselves!

Given that Christmas is literally right around the corner, I thought I would highlight some of the differences in Christmas celebrations here in the UK and over in the US.

Firstly, the FOOD, which is obviously the most important part.

In the UK, a fair amount of people will opt for turkey on Christmas Day, with many choosing a Christmas pudding for dessert. In the US, Thanksgiving back in November gets the turkey, whilst Christmas gets a ham or beef joint followed by perhaps a sweet potato or pumpkin pie. The UK’s mulled wine is replaced by eggnog, and at the dinner table in the US, there’s no sign of the crackers that Brits love to adorn plates with.

There’s no Boxing Day for Americans either; The UK Bank Holiday is non-existent in the States, so good luck with all those leftover sandwiches! Traditional cheesy pantomimes that have all of the UK collectively cringing haven’t made it across the pond either – perhaps that’s a saving grace for Americans!

Obviously these all depend on each region, state and family. What are your Christmas or holiday traditions? Leave a comment below or drop me a message!

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you’re having a relaxing, wonderful time. Happy holidays everyone!


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