Signed, Sealed, Delivered

I’ve sent off my ISEP application. I’ve paid the application fee. No turning back now. Unless I feel like losing £80, which I don’t, thank you very much.

After much debate, discussion and distress, I finally decided on my year abroad candidates. I was allowed to choose up to 10 but only selected 6, as there weren’t more that fit into my matrix – see my post here for more on that.

I found a few gems, such as Lake Forest College in Illinois. They offer modules in American Studies, which is almost as rare as a four leaf clover. They also have an amazing range of modules in African American politics, American foreign policy, and women’s and gender studies to name but a few. To top it off, it’s not far from Chicago, a city that I’ve been in love with for years. There’s also the University of Iowa, which has great modules on African American studies as well as media, and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte which features interesting courses on gender, race and media amongst others.

These are the ones I’d really like to go to. I’m putting Lake Forest as my first choice, as I’m so drawn in by the campus and the module choice. I’ve said before that it’s often best to make decisions on something like this based on your gut. Lake Forest gives me a good feeling. I spent hours trawling through their website, reading about the restaurants on campus and getting very very excited.

Now I’ve fully committed to the process, I feel a mild sense of relief. I’ve gotten over the first hurdle in making my selections. Now I just have to hope I’ve done enough in the little ‘tell us why you’d like to study here’ section of the application to be chosen.



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