Playing The Waiting Game

I’ve never been a very good player at much, unless it’s Monopoly. I always got picked towards the end in P.E, and I’ve got about 4 video games that I’ve been stuck on for 6 years. The advice for people like me is often to ‘change the game’. What does that even mean? I can’t just make up my own netball rules. 

Instead, I quickly figured out that I perhaps needed to find some new games. And so I did, I found writing and reviewing and a multitude of things that I was actually good at (most of which didn’t involve being chosen for a team, I’ll be honest). These new games had plenty of ups and downs, but doesn’t any game?

The application process of a year abroad has many ups and downs too. One of these downs is the bit where you’re forced to play the Waiting Game. You’ve sent off your application, and all you can do now is wait. And check your emails. Every 10 minutes. I’m at this stage now, and it’s horrible. When I’m talking about my year abroad with someone, the first question they’ll ask is ‘oh where are you going?’ Which of course is a perfectly reasonable question, except I don’t know the answer; I haven’t been allocated anywhere yet. ‘Are you excited??!!’ they ask. No not really, I don’t feel like I can be excited when I don’t know when or where I’m going. It’s even more stressful because of the time difference; ISEP, the scheme I’m using to apply for my year abroad, is based in Virginia in the US so they work in a time zone 5 hours behind the UK.

Despite it being horrible, it’s also exciting. Every day I’m waiting is a day I’m closer to achieving my dream of going on my year abroad. I get to plan what I’ll do whilst I’m there, I get to prepare for being away from my friends and family for a year, and I get to have a little more chill time before I have to kick into departure mode.

So even though I’m not a very good player and in this case I can’t change the game, in the meantime, I can go and check my emails again.


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