The Wait is Over

The wait is finally over…

…or is it?

I’m very happy to announce that I’ve been allocated Lake Forest College in Illinois! I’m super excited that I’ve been placed at my first choice. It’s all done, all complete.

Except it’s not.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m relieved I’ve been allocated anywhere, let alone my favourite option. But let’s not pretend like this is the be all and end all. My mother, boyfriend and friends are all very excited of course. They all tell me something along the lines of ‘OMG WELL DONE you did it!’

Thanks, but no, I didn’t. There’s still more elements to the ISEP process. What happens now is ISEP send my application to Lake Forest. Lake Forest review it, and decide if they want me. This is where the issue forms. There’s every possibility that Lake Forest could say no. Everyone is telling me ‘NO no no of course they won’t you’re going, be HAPPY’. I’m so happy that they’re proud of me, but I can’t ignore the possibility that I may still be rejected. I AM happy I’ve been allocated Lake Forest; the campus looks like a dream, it’s in a great location, and there’s so much to look forward to academically.

I’m positive about my chances. Just a little cautious. I would hate to be all wrapped up in the excitement . It’s probably because I was so close to going on a year abroad last year before I had to intermit (check out my post on that overĀ here), I don’t want to get my hopes up and jinx anything.

The actual likelihood that I’ll be rejected by Lake Forest seems unlikely. It appears being confirmed by Lake Forest is just a formality. Everyone’s right, I suppose.

It’s not over yet. But I am one step closer.


6 thoughts on “The Wait is Over

  1. I’m rewriting this because I’m a tool and I don’t think the first one posted! Anyway I said something like: That beginning is great, i was hooked!! I loved it! Really easy to follow and it was just like you were talking! I hope it is just a formality, because you deserve to that lake forest! (Is it a lake and a forest or a lake called forest?? Many a mystery)


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