The Wait is Over…Again

It does seem like all I’m doing these days is waiting. However, in the words of Neopets, ‘something has happened…’

I am so SO excited and proud to announce that I have been confirmed and accepted as a student at Lake Forest College! Yes I was wrong, they didn’t reject me. Everyone was right and I’m so happy they were. I’ve paid my acceptance fee, read and e-signed all the documents and confirmed my placement!

The academic term starts in late August, so a little bit earlier than the October starts I’m used to at Essex. Christmas break is around the same time though, so the term is longer than at Essex. I expect there to be more contact hours in the week as well. I currently have 8 a week, and I have sneaking suspicion this will increase once I’m in the US

But I’m happy. THIS is the feeling I was waiting for. The sense of relief, that I can finally know that my top choice has accepted me and that they think I’ll be a good student for them.

Right, I’m off to celebrate. Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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