Playing the Waiting Game Again…Sort Of

It does feel like all I’m doing these days is waiting…

Back in February I had a question asked to me about student visas. In my answer, I mentioned the DS-2019 form. As a quick recap, the DS-2019 is a form that you need in order to get an exchange student visa. You can’t do much else in terms of travel plans to the US without it.

As I also mentioned in the answer, ISEP is my sponsor. This means they are responsible for issuing the DS-2019. ISEP is a great programme, it’s allowed me to be placed at an amazing institution. But I don’t like that I’m having to wait so long for my form. Of course there’s nothing that can be done, there’s thousands of students that use ISEP, and only so many hours in a day. It’s just difficult to be stuck at a red light.

Whilst I’m waiting, my flights are getting more expensive, as they’re wont to do after 5 minutes. It also means I’m limited with my time. As part of the visa process, you need to attend an interview at your nearest US embassy. I have to keep my diary as free as possible so I can attend any possible interviews as soon as possible, and as a result I’ve had to turn down many invitations.

And of course, we have to consider visa processing times. All this waiting is before the visa process wait, and goodness knows how long that will be.

I’m still excited of course, just a little bit anxious.


Oh well! I’ll just go back to checking my emails…again…and again…and again…


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