Core Catastrophe?

Could this be the end of a dream?A little known fact about the year abroad: it’s never really certain. Oh I could be talking about visas or application statuses. But no, this time it’s all about core modules.

My university requires you to pass your 2nd year core modules (with ‘pass’ meaning a grade of at least 40/100) in order for you to study abroad. Luckily for me I only have one core module. Perhaps unluckily for me is that the year abroad is a mandatory part of my degree. If I don’t do it, I have to move to a degree that doesn’t have a mandatory period of study abroad. This would be a degree in Liberal Arts. Liberal Arts is a great subject, very broad and creative. It’s fascinating for some, and its merits should not be ignored. What is isn’t, is American Studies. I picked my degree because I’m passionate about the U.S., and I feel that a study abroad period is an invaluable way to experience the culture and country that I’m learning about.

My core module had a two day take home paper as the final assessment. The module assessment itself was comprised of two essays, each worth 25% of the final grade, plus the take home paper worth 50%. Let’s run through the maths shall we. Due to some horrifically poor essay performances, it’s turned out that I need at least a mark of 55 to reach the pass grade of 40. Gotta love those averages amirite.

Historically, when I think I’ve done well in an essay, it turns out I could’ve done a lot better, and vice versa. The take home paper was split into two questions, and I definitely feel that one was weaker than the other. I’m hoping I’m not wrong in saying that the whole paper should be worth at least the 55 I need, but who knows. I’ll find out by Friday June 2nd. Until then, the fate of my year abroad is unknown.


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