On Good Form

It has arrived! The magical DS-2019 form has arrived! It’s so pretty… (even if the fact that the woman in the picture is holding the pen upside down isn’t).

Almost exactly a month ago I was lamenting that I hadn’t received my DS-2019 form, a key document I need in order to obtain a visa for study in the States. For some background, the DS-2019 form has the participants details (that’s me!), my home and host universities (Essex and Lake Forest), and my program sponsor (ISEP). With so much information, it’s no wonder you can’t proceed without it.

Ah, I shall lament no more! I picked up the form from my university’s campus today, and am looking after it with the level of care usually reserved for newborn babies. And it’s good reason too, look how long it took for me to get the thing.

But oh was it worth it. Now I’m able to get the visa ball rolling, and can start getting more excited with less fear of disappointment. All that’s left now is to wait for my core module grades to come back (just in case I have to withdraw from the year abroad). But that should be fine…totally fine…yep…completely calm….


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