It’s Official!

I’ve been officially accepted into Lake Forest College! It’s in a fancy letter and everything. I’ve written a post on what ISEP is and how it works here, but a quick recap never hurts. The way ISEP works is as follows: I select up to 10 institutions in order of preference that I’d like to study at and send that and the rest of my application to ISEP. ISEP look at my application and try and place me in, if possible, my top choice. If they can’t then they go down the list until they can. They then allocate me to one of my choices, and send my application off to the institution they’ve allocated me to. The institution reviews my application and decides if they’d like to accept me. In my case, I got accepted by Lake Forest, and this was the stage I was at.

Until today.

I received an email from Lake Forest with a formal acceptance letter that talks about community and making a difference. It makes me feel ready to join my fellow classmates, and excited for what’s to come. The communication I’ve had from Lake Forest so far has been amazing, and just makes me even more sure that this is the place I’m meant to spend my year abroad.

Despite all all the excitement, I still have some reservations. As I mentioned in a previous post, I still need to pass my core module at Essex in order to be able to go on a year abroad. We’ll see what happens with that. In the meantime it’s back to waiting for emails, albeit with a little more tension than usual.


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