Calm at the Core

Two great pieces of news in as many days! I passed my core module! *celebration dance*

This means that I am now definitely going on my year abroad. In my other post, I explained how I needed to pass my core module in order to jet off to the States. I got a far higher than expected mark in my core module test, meaning that my average was over the pass mark set by my university (only just but let’s not be picky now).

I’ll be honest and admit that I cried a little. It’s been such a struggle to get to the place where I’m able to go on a year abroad, and this was the last academic hurdle for me to jump in order for me to get there. The year abroad means so much to me, not only academically but personally. I wasn’t able to get excited about it. But now, I can now start fully embracing the fact that I’ll be heading to Lake Forest in August, and move on to the next challenge: the visa. But hey, one step at a time, right!


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