Visa Series – 2: DS-2019

The much loved form here at Be My American Girl

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve probably come across many the post about the DS-2019. If not, welcome! We’ll get you all caught up.

The DS-2019 is the first of many important documents in the visa application process. Your sponsor fills in information about you,  your host university, the sponsor themselves, and what field of study your degree falls under. For example, mine is Area Studies.

You will need your DS-2019 before you can continue any further in the application process. It has on it information that you are required to provide later on, so it’s not worth doing what I did and trying to find a way to press ahead without it.

You will also need to take the form with you to your visa interview, as well as with you on your year abroad. Keep it clean! Avoid rain or dropping anything on the form. It can’t be photocopied, so if you ruin it you’ll need to get a new one from your sponsor. Perhaps invest in a nice plastic folder to keep it and all your other documents safe.

Once you receive it, sign and date it so that it’s valid. Then you can move on to the next stage: the SEVIS I-901. Check back next week for more on this!

If you’ve got any comments or questions, feel free to get in contact!


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