Happy Independence Day!

Today is July 4th, also known in the US as Independence Day **cue fireworks**

Way back in 1776, the American Revolution was in full swing. 3 years prior, the famous Boston Tea Party took place. Here, a group of protesters destroyed a boat containing a shipment of tea from the East India Company, breaking the Tea Act (an act that spawned the widely known phrase ‘no taxation without representation’). The British Government weren’t too happy with the protesters actions, and caused them to amp up their rage, spawning the American Revolution.

Fast forward to 1776 when thirteen US colonies declared that they would no longer be part of the British Empire, becoming independent. Although this declaration was voted for on July 2nd, the official declaration was made on July 4th. And so the tradition of July 4th being Independence Day began!

In the States you can expect massive celebrations: think nationwide parades and street parties. A lot of federal workplaces are closed, much like a Bank Holiday in the UK. People visit family and have large celebratory dinners, or watch public fireworks displays. For me I feel like the best bit would definitely be the food. I’m picturing barbecued food, great drinks and amazing people. What’s not to love about that!

So if you’re taking part, enjoy the celebrations!


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